Electric Winter

by Dill Robert

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released March 8, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Start Off With A Little Soft Shoe
Start Off With A Little Soft Shoe--- I can’t describe just how I feel/everything around me is surreal/it’s the kind of cold that sticks to your bones/what I wouldn’t give to be at home
A vision of your heart forms in raindrops on the door/it reminds me of what I am working for/I saw a shooting star the other night/made a wish that everything would be alright
I see the clouds rolling in just beyond the horizon/I can see a storm is brewing and I don’t know where to begin/I watch the snow dance like flies in the air and in the sky/there is always a part of you in the back of my mind/I’ve got a funny feeling that it’s now winter time---
Track Name: Electric WInter
Electric Winter---there’s something odd about the weather out here/the winds are gusting something fierce/the waves get choppy this time of year/and I’m wishing that was at home with you my dear/
The winds they are a howlin’/the winds they are a whistlin’/I’ve got my head in the clouds/and it’s you that I’m missin’/
I’m looking out the window/it’s getting dark out here/the days are getting shorter/winter time is near/ the trees are swaying back and forth as far as I can see/the colors all disappear with the falling of the leaves---
Track Name: The Ballad Of Deano Cappuccino
The Ballad Of Deano Cappuccino---I ain’t got my mind today/sitting waiting hurting/I can’t think I can’t concentrate/the colors can be (are) overwhelming/hours minutes seconds seem to take their time/I can feel the weird vibes/I’ve already lost it lost all direction/where’s my compass, man---
Track Name: That Day
That Day---I’ll never forget what happened on that day/it replays in my mind again and again/it’s one thing that puts a smile on my face/a memory that can’t be erased---
Track Name: The Wishing Hand
The Wishing Hand---well I’m just waiting walking around/thinking of things profound/I see the looks of the faces of the passers by/all the smoke still burning in my eyes/going out or coming in/I didn’t see a single grin/their expressions stay the same/trying to make it through another day/place your faith in the wishing hand/in the mirror I see a different man/don’t say you know what I’m thinking I don’t know myself---
Track Name: Curmudgeons Have Feelings Too
Curmudgeons Have Feelings Too---things don’t get any easier when you’re old grizzled and grey/and time isn’t on our side/what is to become of us when we’re dead and in the ground/our bones won’t make a sound/
the lines on my hands get more pronounced with time/the skin is cracked and dry/I never thought getting old would be like this/life’s just passing me by/
just like every ship that sail they float on one by one/flowing with the tide/no protection from the elements and I’m chilled to the bone/it’s getting cold outside---